the less formal CSS framework



Basic usage

You can add popovers, also called tooltips, on your elements. popover attribute is the popover text content, popover-position attribute can be: top, left, right, bottom.

Popover left position

Popover top position

Popover bottom position

Popover right position


<p popover-left="Popover on left">Popover left position</p>
<p popover-top="Popover on top">Popover top position</p>
<p popover-bottom="Popover on bottom">Popover bottom position</p>
<p popover-right="Popover on right">Popover right position</p>

But you can also popover on pretty much any element you want, it can be on a button, on a table cell, …


<button popover-top="Popover on top">Popover on top and on a button!</button>